We are glad you came our way.  Please come and join us for worship.  We pray it will be a blessing to you.

Our Purpose:

At the Verde Valley Church of Christ we are a spiritual family united in our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a non-denominational Christian family. Not Catholic, Protestant or Jewish. Just Christian, teaching New Testament Christianity as taught 2000 years ago.

It is our prayer that we can effectively serve our community by providing a place where those who are hurting and distressed can find encouragement, where those who are grieving can find comfort, and where those who searching for meaning in their lives can encounter the marvelous grace of God.

Our goal is to truly live Jesus before others so they may see the joy of being in Christ and the peace, which passes understanding. It is our dream to provide an environment where every believer can mature spiritually, where they can discover and develop their God-given abilities, and where they can employ them in service to others.

We are a people who love the river that runs through our valley, the mountains in the background, and all Gods children who live here. We seek daily to be conformed to His image. Our invitation to our neighbors is, We are journeying to the place of which the Lord said, I will give it to you. Come thou with us, and we will do thee good.